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FreedomFest 2011

Jon and I have been libertarians forever, but we didn't really know what to call it until we found and bought a copy of  Liberty  magazine at Barnes & Noble many years ago. Well, Jon was an anarchist in high school, and he still sometimes borders on that; I think I've always been a libertarian. Liberty  became the only magazine we subscribed to without interruption, until they stopped making the print edition a year or so ago. There were times when that magazine was like a cozy, cuddly blanket for me, even though much of what appeared in it was argumentative, sarcastic, sometimes pessimistic. Even our friend Brian , who is not known for his sunniness, found  Liberty  too caustic when we tried to indoctrinate him with it. But I loved it. So did Jon. We still  read it online , but I do miss the print version. Anyway, my point is that many times over the years, Jon and I saw ads for various libertarian conferences and one of us would always say, "We should go to that

I'm not necessarily a fan, but a famous person is a famous person!

Over the 4th of July weekend, I took my kids to the Huntsman Springs event in Driggs. It's in its second year, but this was the first time they had an all-day carnival type of thing going on during the day. Face-painting, bouncy houses, various kinds of entertainment (of which I only saw the air show, which was cool). All free, except for the food vendors. (True to form, I bought the kids one funnel cake and one cup of honey lemonade to share; I'm cheap. Also, I wouldn't let the kids do anything that required standing in a long line. I'm cheap and mean!) It was really a great event, but we couldn't stay long because of other obligations we had that day. On our way out, we bumped into this guy: Okay, we didn't literally bump into Glenn Beck. (Although I did nearly bump into one of the security guys who was creating a space around him as he walked along.) But we were pretty close for a few minutes. In the above photo, he's sitting in the real Herbie,