Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

We had this DVD from Netflix for quite a while before we watched it. I can't remember why I moved it to the top of our queue, but after watching (and hating) Paper Heart, I had very little desire to see another movie with Michael Cera in it. Even before that, I suspected and feared that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World might be kind of like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow--I'd hear about how wonderful and innovative and amazing it was and then I'd see it and be kind of bored.

But I was wrong. I found it delightful, funny, strange, clever. My favorite ex-boyfriend was the vegan one. I wish it were cleaner, so I could show it to my kids. I'm sure they'll all see it eventually, but there's too much "adult" material in it for a family flick.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Alaska Basin and Cascade Canyon

Friday morning I left on an overnight backpacking trip with Zed, Jacob, and Phin. We drove up Teton Canyon from the Idaho side and had our camera take a picture of us.

We hiked past the Devil's Stairs fork toward Alaska Basin, and stopped for lunch here.

We arrived in Alaska Basin having met only 2 or 3 other hikers.

We had made good time, so unlike the last time we hiked up to Alaska Basin 3 years ago, we decided we'd hike all the way to the east side of the Tetons to Jenny Lake.

Thus motivated, we hiked up to Sunset Lake.

These were some of our views leaving Sunset Lake and heading up to Hurricane Pass.

Soon we arrived at the border between the Jedediah Smith Wilderness and Grand Teton National Park.

Then we descended down to Hurricane Pass.

Here was our view over Schoolroom Glacier.

Zed looked down from Hurricane Pass into the South Fork of Cascade Canyon and the Teton Crest Trail.

Morning sun made it a nice time to play around the lake under Schoolroom Glacier.

Here Phin and Jacob filter water from a snowmelt stream for us to drink.

We met a lot of other people on the trail the further down we went in Cascade Canyon. It was a nice late-summer day and lots of day-hikers had headed up the trails from the Jenny Lake side.

Erin picked us up at Jenny Lake at 4:30 pm. Our total hiking distance over those two days was about 24 miles.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Paper Heart (2009)

Here's what IMDb says about this movie:

Charlyne Yi embarks on a quest across America to make a documentary about the one subject she doesn't fully understand: Love.

Jon and I watched it a few nights ago. Well, Jon fell asleep about halfway through, so I guess I'm the one who watched it. I didn't hate it while I was watching it, but the more time that goes by since I saw it, the more it makes me kind of mad that I wasted my time on it. Charlyne Yi doesn't believe in True Love, so she travels around the country (and even to Paris towards the end) asking people about True Love--do they believe in it, what is it, what are their experiences, etc. She even consults some "experts" who might have something to say about love--some professors of biochemistry or something like that. She has some famous friends, one of whom is Michael Cera, with whom she starts a relationship. In spite of her experience with him, she refuses to change her mind about the existence of love. Nobody can teach her anything. Why are they driving and flying all over the place, presumably spending a bunch of money? Apparently, it is just to make this documentary. There are also scenes featuring paper cut-out figures.

IMDb says this is a partially-scripted documentary, and I'm not sure what that means, but I don't care. The director, Charlyne's friend Nick, is played by an actor, but everyone else is just who they are. What I learned is that Michael Cera acts just like every character he's ever played (as far as I have seen, and I guess it's possible he was acting in this movie, too). I also learned that some people think they're clever enough that we should watch them making a "documentary." I think it was meaningless, self-referential, and self-indulgent. You could probably put some more "self" words in there. I hope I can stop being annoyed by it now. (I supposed there are some people who would say the movie succeeded because it got stuck in my head, but again, I don't care.)