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Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist's Quest to Discover if Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, Or Why Pie is Not the Answer by Jen Lancaster

Why make a title short when you can ramble on and on? Well, anyway, this was entertaining, although clearly one of those books thrown together without a lot of effort. It's more like a bunch of blog posts than a book, but I enjoyed it. The author recounts her efforts to lose weight and various funny experiences along the way. One thing I like about the book is that she has a high opinion of herself that wasn't affected badly by her weight; it was nice to read about weight loss for health reasons, rather than the self-loathing place a lot of people have to reach before they lose weight.

The Singles 2nd Ward (2007)

This was alternately irritating and quite funny, which was a nice surprise, since I expected much more irritation than humor. If you liked The RM or The Singles Ward , it might be worth borrowing it from a friend.