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Biking alongside Warm River in southeast Idaho

Last night I went camping with Seth's scout troop at Warm River campground, northeast from Ashton, Idaho. It was raining plenty on the way there, and kept raining all night until maybe 5 this morning. But scoutmaster Aaron Jenkins and assistant George Bates had large tarps we set up tied to the trees to give us cover from the rain, and we had a good night. Today after breakfast we broke camp and drove north up the road toward Mesa Falls with our bikes in the back of the truck to a spot where the road meets the railbed of the railroad that used to go from Ashton to West Yellowstone. We had an easy, nice 8-mile ride downhill from there back to the campground. As the day progressed, the clouds cleared and the views just kept getting better. A dust-free, cool ride was a great payoff for a little rain beforehand. We drove back to Teton Valley through Ashton, Lamont, and Felt, and the hills and fall colors were amazing. We should do a longer ride on that former railbed another