Jesus and the woman taken in adultery

Biblical scholarship has long been aware that the gospel account of the scribes and Pharisees bringing the woman taken in adultery to Jesus was not included in the earliest manuscripts of the gospel of John. In modern Bible publications the account is now commonly shown in brackets. For example, the English Standard Version (ESV), says in a footnote: Some manuscripts do not include [John] 7:53–8:11; others add the passage here or after 7:36 or after 21:25 or after Luke 21:38, with variations in the text. Having the account not only be missing in some manuscripts, but appearing in different places and with variations, makes it an interesting case. The David Bentley Hart translation of the New Testament gives more detail and background to this: There is little doubt among scholars that the episode of the woman taken in adultery was not written by the same hand that produced the surrounding text. It is not found in the earliest manuscripts of John, or in any Greek or Latin text stil…

Caucasus trip 2019, part 2

This post chronicles part 2 of my dad's and my month-long trip in June 2019, aka the part where we're not in the Caucasus anymore. You can find part one over here.

In part one I mentioned that we took a ferry from Batumi, Georgia, to Odessa Ukraine.

We took a tour of the Odessa Catacombs, a huge series of tunnels around and under the city. Most of the catacombs, including the section we were in, were the result of mining.

Swimming in the black sea, feat. concrete extrusions people jumped off.

From Odessa we took a train to Chișinău, Moldova.

Memorial 9 mai 1945:

Caucasus trip 2019, part 1

Dad (Jon) and I are roughly three weeks into a month-long trip around Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region. We started in Armenia, made our way through Georgia, across the Black Sea to Ukraine, through Moldova and now to Kyiv, Ukraine. We have one more stop, Lviv, and then it’s back home to Idaho. I’ll cover our first two weeks(ish) in this post, from the start to the Black Sea ferry.

This trip may sound familiar, as many of our destinations match up with a trip Dad and Phin took in August 2013. They wrote about their trip in several posts:
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