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Tbilisi, Georgia

Phin and I visited Tbilisi, Georgia twice, for less than 3 days total. After getting away from the highly predatory taxi drivers at the airport we found the bus to take us into the city to Freedom Square: Then we walked through a mixture of completely decaying and fancily renovated neighborhoods to Envoy Hostel which was on Betlemi Street nestled between the Narikala Fortress and the Kura (Mtkvari) River by the Metekhi Bridge in the heart of the old town. Google Maps has some of the names in Roman script. Once we got settled in and put our things away, we walked up to the Narikala Fortress and immediately fell in love with the whole area. Here was a view that looked like the entrance to the garden of Eden: The fortress ruins contain the newly restored St. Nicholas church: We had nice evening views out over the river and the city. Here facing north, in the middle you can see the mushroom-shaped building that is the new ministry of justice, the new Bridge of Peace, and