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Mira's baptism

On Saturday, October 19, Mira was baptized by Jon at the LDS church building in Prague. We tried to talk her into getting baptized in the river, but she didn't find that idea appealing. We were happy to share the event with another American family, whose daughter Maleia is Mira's age. Maleia's dad works at the US Embassy here in Prague. Even though they weren't in the river, the girls said the water in the baptismal font was really cold! When they tested it beforehand, they were confident that it was plenty warm, but I guess it felt quite different when they actually got in. I hope Maleia and Mira remember their baptism day and stay long-distance friends and someday become roommates at BYU or something. That'd be cool, wouldn't it? Anyway, here are pictures! Jon and Mira outside the church building. Maleia and Mira. Aren't they cute? They both have dimples! Maleia's mom Monique took these pictures and I'm so glad she did! The leaves on th

All Saints Church Pocklington

In June and July we lived in Pocklington, East Yorkshire. In the middle of town is All Saints Church, the only church we got to know that I haven't written about here yet. We could see its tower peeking up as we looked out our front door to the left: Here is a little history from a brochure at the church: Christianity was brought to Pocklington in the year AD 627 by Saint Paulinus, who had been sent from Rome to preach the Christian gosepl in the north of England. Tradition says that he baptised people in the beck which still runs along the north side of the churchyard. There has been a Christian community here ever since. Nothing is known of the first church building here, which may have been little more than a thatched wooden structure. A few fragments remain from a stone church building which existed around the time of the Norman Conquest in AD 1066. The [present building] was begun some time before AD 1200 and was completed by about AD 1450. (More details ar

Prague in October

It's time for me to catch up in recounting many anecdotes from our life in Prague thus far in October. We all went on a walk on a sunny day in the park Obora Hvězda : A few weeks ago I broke fillings in teeth on the left side of my jaw, one on top, one on bottom. I put up with it for a few days, but getting food stuck in gaps made my jaw hurt, so I brushed and flossed and stopped eating, but eventually I got hungry enough to listen to Erin's advice and make a plan to go to the dentist and get the teeth fixed. On Monday morning after our Czech lessons I stopped by Stomatologické centrum at Vodičkova 30 without an appointment, asked if they spoke English, which they do, and waited while they checked to see if any dentist had availability. Normally they don't take emergency visits, but I told them I had several weeks and wasn't in a hurry. (I would have been glad to come back for an appointment if needed, since I had learned how to eat only on the other side of my m