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Jena, Dresden, and Prague

Sorry for not posting for so long. I haven't had access to the Internet for a while. Yesterday morning we left Berlin to go to Jena. When got to Jena, we found our hotel and then went to church. After that, we went and met Dad’s friend Doreen, that he met on his mission, and her boyfriend Didi, and they took us out to lunch. They were really nice. After that, we walked around Jena and looked at some cool stuff with them. That was really cool, because they have old city walls from the Middle Ages. The way they worked was they had a square city wall, and three gates around it. Most of the walls are mostly missing, but they still have some of the gates and the corners. Here are some pictures: After that, at about 4:00, we checked into our hotel and Doreen drove us to her brother Henry Gottschald’s house. He is a friend of Dad’s that he knew on his mission, too. We stayed over there and talked for several hours, and then we came back to the hotel. Here is a picture of th

Cool Church and Checkpoint Charlie

Today me and Dad didn't wake up until after noon, and we didn't go to LinuxTag at all. Instead, we walked around and saw some stuff. First we went to this cool church. It was bombed in the war, and they made a kind of ugly (from the outside) memorial church that is really cool inside. There is a bunch of blue glass in the walls, and when the sun shines through it, it looks really cool. We went inside both of them. Here are some pictures. The inside of the new church: Sorry about the blurry picture. I had to turn the flash off. The inside of the old church: And the outsides of both of them. The tall one is the old one, and the newer one is short and sqaut. After that we went to Checkpoint Charlie, and that was really cool too. Here is a picture: After that, we just walked around for a while. We saw a group of break dancers dancing as a kind of tribute to Michael Jackson, who died yesterday. They were really good, too. At about 6:00, we went out to eat with

Schloss Charlottenburg and Potsdamer Platz

Yesterday me and Andrea went to Schloss Charlottenburg, and it was awesome! We went on a tour through the building, and then walked around in the garden out back. There are a lot of old paintings and stuff in there. Sophie Charlottenburg, who was a queen of Prussia, collected porcelain, so there was a lot of that. After that we went back to the gardens; they were awesome. Here's a link to the Wikipedia page. Schloss Charlottenburg There were a bunch of ducks and little birds. Here are a few pictures: Those ducks were pretty funny-looking. After that, we went home.This morning we went to LinuxTag again, and I got to play Frets on Fire. It’s just like Guitar Hero, but with a lot more songs. That was pretty fun! Tonight we went to the Linux Nacht (Linux Night), a party. It was pretty fun. They even had a live band there! After the party we walked around Potsdamer Platz for a while. The buildings over there are all really new. Check it out:

First Day of LinuxTag

Today is the first day at LinuxTag. Yesterday we set up the Interchange booth, after meeting Davor. Here is a picture of the booth from then: After that we went to the apartment and Dad, Stefan and Davor worked on their Interchange presentation for a while. Here is a picture of them: At 10:00 or so, we went to eat dinner and didn’t get back until past midnight. I was, obviously, pretty tired and went to bed. Check out these photos from last night! Now we’re at LinuxTag and I am writing this post. We are sharing our booth with another project, so it’s pretty crowded. There is a booth for Linux Gaming, and it is sweet! There are tons of games for you to try, even a Guitar Hero for Linux. It's called Frets on Fire. It uses a Wiimote guitar from Guitar Hero. They also have a booth for FlightGear Flight Simulator., and they have these huge setups with three giant monitors each and the whole controller deal. I got to fly it, and it was awesome! I even landed, admittedly

Our First Day In Germany

Hey, everybody. Right now I am in our apartment writing this blog post. I’m really tired from the jet lag. We just got back from dinner at this really good outdoor cafe, where I had some yummy lasagna, during which I fell asleep several times. Our flight over the Atlantic was really boring for most of the time, but I watched Race to Witch Mountain and part of Hotel For Dogs and listened to a lot of music, so it wasn’t too bad. I am really tired. Today we went to the Brandenburger Tor, and that was awesome. Here is a picture of me in front of it: Also, a picture of the American Embassy. Here are a couple of photos from a church that me and Dad went to this morning: We also went to the Reichstag, which is where their Congress meets. It has this really cool dome at the top that has open areas in between so that air can get in, but rain can’t. It also has a bunch of awesome mirrors on the middle that are really cool. There was really a huge line in front of the Reichstag