Legally Blonde (2001)

I love this movie. I saw it a couple of years ago with my sister and last night I got Jon to watch it with me. He hadn't seen it before, and I was nervous that he would think it was just stupid. But I think he liked it, too.

Reese Witherspoon is a fine actress, as she has lately proven in Walk the Line. (I think she was really incredible in that.) In Legally Blond, she's Elle Woods, shallow (seemingly) and materialistic and way too cute. But she's also smart, funny and consistently kind. I love that about this movie. The sorority sisters look like Barbie dolls, squeal and giggle, decorate everything with faux fur and lots of pink. But they're nice, unlike the judgmental Harvard Law School crowd, with their brown and grey sweaters and identical laptops.

On the West Coast, in her sheltered, rich-girl world, "everyone loves me," as she says. But at Harvard, she's mocked and targeted by almost everyone she meets. I love that she's brave and confident and doesn't take the crap. But she's not into revenge, either, and at the first sign of friendship from those who have treated her so badly, she's just nice. Of course, Elle wins over the Harvard crowd in the end, but she, like, totally deserves it. I think it's a great movie--funny and with a good message about succeeded as yourself, and not becoming one of "them."


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