The Holiday (2006)

I enjoyed this, but after I finished watching it, I realized that Cameron Diaz and Jude Law were supposed to be the sexy, happenin’ couple, while Kate Winslet and Jack Black were the slightly overweight, awkward couple, and that bothered me. I admit that my only evidence that they were supposed to be slightly overweight was a cute comment that they said to each other at two different windy parts of the movie: “Don’t blow away,” and the little black dress Kate wore later in the movie, in which one of her arms briefly looked slightly fat (by Hollywood standards). In any case, there is the overall impression that they are supposed to be kind of geeky and desperate or something, certainly not hip or cool, like the other two. And excuse me, but while Kate Winslet is a great actress, she just didn’t pull off the desperate, not-so-attractive person they were maybe going for.

Yes, it’s possible that my over-critical brain is seeing something that isn’t there to see. But here’s more evidence:

Cameron (I know her character had a name, but apparently it was forgettable, because I have forgotten it, and all other names from the movie) is rich, has a huge, beautiful L.A. house, works a glamorous job and has just dramatically dumped her cheating boyfriend. She’s skinny and gorgeous (some think) and tough. When she meets Jude, who is also beautiful, there is instant drunken attraction, followed very quickly by drunken kissing and drunken sex. There’s lots more kissing and sex between them throughout the movie. They are sexy and glamorous.

On the other hand, in the very first scene, Kate is pining for an obvious jerk, who cheated on her and is now getting married but still playing her for the thrill of having a hanger-on. She looks slightly dowdy, works during an office party, lives in a cozy, cluttered cottage and drinks tea. There may have been cats. Jack Black is ... well ... Jack Black. We have the impression that his beautiful girlfriend does not properly return his affection. He’s goofy, funny, short. You know, Jack Black. Between Kate and Jack, there are mostly conversations, maybe a slightly romantic peck on the cheek at the end. (Or did they really kiss? I can’t remember.) Anyway, they’re not super sexy, but I liked their characters so much better than Cameron and Jude.

Or maybe they’re just supposed to be different couples, and I am reading way too much into this. Anyone?


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