I Think I Can...

My youngest child, who is 2 1/2 years old and precocious, if you want to use a nice word for it, was messing around in my room today while I was doing something (something important, I'm sure) on my computer. I was trying to keep my eye on her, because she is into everything these days. She was jumping on my bed and "looking" at our books and hiding behind things, peeking out at me to see if she was hidden enough to do whatever dastardly deed she was about to do. I kept talking to her, just to let her know that I was paying attention, and taking things away from her.

At one point, she got quiet (you know that's not good), and I could suddenly hear that unmistakable sound of a pencil on paper. "What are you doing?" I asked in my accusatory Mommy voice. And she said, "Trying not to color on your book."

Apparently she wasn't trying hard enough. But I guess it's a start?


  1. Oh Erin, I am sure you took one look at cute - beautiful- Mira's face and just couldn't get mad. That is hilarious. I am glad you wrote that one down. Mira is seriously so beautiful - just like Lillian. Watch out, coloring in your book won't sound too bad later down the road - just kidding! So Cute..

  2. Cute story. I'd like to hear more of these of the kids, esp since we'll be so far away now and won't see them very often in the next 3 yrs. You should start another blog filled with these stories, you have time for that right :)

  3. Jessica and Deanna, thanks for your comments. Jessica, I was pretty amused by Mira that time, though I am less amused at other times. Deanna, I've been thinking about putting more family story stuff on my blog. It's under consideration, anyway.

  4. Yeah! You should post more about your cute fam!

  5. So very cute! It is hard to be mad when they come up with that stuff


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