Far Away, So Close! (1993)

Far Away, So Close! is the more accessible sequel to Wings of Desire. Both are German movies about angels who choose to become human. (City of Angels, with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage, was an inferior but somewhat interesting American remake of Wings of Desire, although the endings of the two movies are radically different.)

Far Away, So Close! is about the angel Cassiel, who becomes human when he's not quite ready. He's just trying to help, but he ends up making some bad choices, getting involved with scary people, hurting people he loves, and eventually learning about consequences and other profound stuff. It's really a good movie. My favorite character, or at least my favorite name for a character, is Emit Flesti, which, cleverly, is "Time Itself" spelled backwards.

It's mostly in German, but there's also Italian, French, and English. Oh, and a little Russian! There's a cameo of Mikhail Gorbachev. It's all subtitled, of course.


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