Gilmore Girls

In the last few months, I have watched almost every episode of all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. Ridiculously, I feel a sense of accomplishment about this. Also a sense of embarrassment. That's approximately 106 hours of TV watching.

In my defense, while I watched, I did a lot of knitting and caught up with a few years worth of entering receipts in GnuCash.

Mostly, I enjoyed the show. I liked all the references to books, music, art, etc. I liked the quirky characters. I liked the clever, funny, fast dialog.

I did not like the soap opera-like pace of the show and obvious manipulation to keep people (me) watching. It was so convenient for the money-makers that nobody on the show learns that honesty in a relationship is the best policy until the seventh season. But at least it all turned out right, and I can pretend that they've all learned their lesson and will never act like idiots again.

This is the nature of TV, though, and I'm hoping to stick with the 20-minute stuff in the future--The Office and 30 Rock. I feel kind of dumb that I've resisted 24 (2 1/2 seasons of which Jon and I watched) and Lost (watched the first season on DVD), but then I let myself get sucked into Gilmore Girls. Of course, part of the problem is that you can watch this stuff online now, which is really cool but requires more self-control than I have.

Oh, and I hated the theme song and the similar-sounding music that cropped up during the show. But I liked the town troubadour's music and other music in the background.


  1. All finished, eh? I am sort of sorry but not for introducing you to the show. It was sort of fun. The last season was particularly annoying, Lorali (sp?) making all sort of dumber than normal decisions. But then, I sort of relate to some of her irrational emotions, don't I?

  2. Yeah, I have the same mixed feelings--I wish I'd never started, but I really did enjoy watching it, even when I was so annoyed with Lorelai and Luke. (They were the ones who drove me the craziest.) I also kept admonishing myself for caring what fictional characters were doing. I had fun watching it, though, and I really did get a lot of knitting done.

  3. Erin, did you know I just found out what a troubadour is about a month ago?!!!! Yah..... I know your lol right now! Any ways....... I like Gilmore Girls too. Especially their fast dialog like you said. What have you been knitting?

  4. I made a little hooded sweatshirt for my one-year-old nephew Ollie and a long, empire-waisted, sleeveless top for my one-year-old niece, in blue because her name is Azure. Before that, I made a sweater vest for my baby nephew Sheldon, but that may have been before I started watching Gilmore Girls.

  5. I had that obsession 4 years ago. We just had moved and JOn was unemployed so we watched 5 episodes a day. It was sweet! But I have to admit that I felt "behind" with all the references to the American entertainment culture.

  6. A lot of the references are not to American pop culture, or at least not the most popular culture, which is why they're hard to get. They reference all kinds of writers and artists and musicians that are not exactly mainstream. I didn't get a lot of them myself, but that's one of the things I liked about it.

  7. Jessica Reyleen Miskin ChristensenTuesday, September 23, 2008 2:36:00 PM

    I love Gilmore Girls! On Tuesday nights when it was on, I would go upstairs and watch it while my husband cleaned up dinner and got the kids to bed. Yep, it's good for him.

  8. I love that plan! Good for you and good for your husband. It's good for the kids to have time with Dad, too, right? Gilmore Girls is totally a chick flick kind of show, anyway. (Although Jon did watch several of them with me--he enjoyed the obscure references, too. He also rolled his eyes a lot, though.)


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