Mira: grammar (and drama) queen

Lillian and Mira have apparently formed a "club" or something, where their names are Millian and Lira (cute, huh?). There have been some conflicts between them, which makes the "club" a somewhat delicate topic. So today, Jon and I were talking to Mira and suggesting that Millian and Lira was a great idea!

"You can be a rock band!" I said to Mira. (Band names are a big topic of conversation around here.)

"No!" Mira said, refusing to be flattered.

"You could be a dance team!" I said.

"No! I would just dance suckily!"

And then she burst into tears as Jon and I laughed. We tried to explain her superior use of adverb, but she was just in the mood to cry today, so that's what happened. At least she didn't cry suckily.


  1. Oh my heavens! I'm SOOOO glad you write this stuff down.


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