Savannah, Georgia

I am in Savannah, Georgia for a day and a half visiting my brother Charlie and his wife Deanna and their kids. My dad and mom are also here, visiting longer and staying over Thanksgiving.

Saturday, Charlie and I had a good time walking around the old downtown of Savannah, by the river, and riding on the old tram (now just used by tourists like me):

We also toured the Owens-Thomas House which was very interesting.

We stopped in to visit the Catholic church for a while:

And a few streets over there was this unusual storefront display:

Today after church Charlie, Deanna, and I went to the cemetery and spent a lot of time in the Jewish and Greek sections:

This couple's gravestones had a verse from the Song of Solomon, split over them so they're both needed together to read it, which I think is a romantic way to show it:

On the Greek headstone on the right, the name Savannah is transliterated in Greek as ΣΑΒΑΝΝΑ, though GA. is left in Roman script, and the headstone in the middle leaves both in Roman:

I was excited to see this one which Charlie found and told me about some months ago. It's for an Armenian born in Tbilisi, Georgia (the other Georgia!), with the name also in Armenian script. We only found one like this!

The tide was low, revealing lots of junked headstones that had been thrown away there:

A short but sweet visit. Plenty more to see here next time!


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