Rome: SPQR

Mira and I are on vacation and are visiting Rome for a few days, our first time here.

I was aware that ancient Rome was called SPQR, Senatus PopulusQue Romanus, “The Senate and People of Rome”. I didn’t realize before being here that everyone still knows and uses the term SPQR in modern Rome.

Here are a few visual demonstrations gathered over two days:

I keeping meaning to read Mary Beard’s history book titled SPQR. Now I really need to do it.

There is here very much a sense of continuity over the past 2000+ years. Recent renovations in churches and other buildings date to the 1700s. History is in physical layers. It is a treat simply to walk and look around.

The Italian language is great, like funhouse mirror French and Spanish. Of course the Italians feel their language is the normal one and the others are weird. I just have little experience with it.

We are staying near Vatican City. Everywhere we go is so busy with people all the time, almost everywhere. There are visitors from all over the world. And we feel we could spend months here and only begin to get a little familiar with the major points in the city.


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