Cinderella Man

I enjoyed this movie, though watching the deleted scenes (with a rambling and pompous explanation by Ron Howard through which one may not fast-forward; why do we need an explanation of deleted scenes?) kind of ruined some of the enjoyment. Ron Howard's treatment of "true" stories is always suspect. You have to do follow-up research if you want to know what was real and what was made up (see A Beautiful Mind, which probably shouldn't bear the same title as the book, which is an actual biography).

But I like Russell Crowe a lot, and I liked the positive family stuff. It's nice to see what appears to be a healthy marriage in a movie. And I'm so glad he didn't promise his wife he wouldn't die in the big fight. I hate it when characters promise things they have no control over. "I'll never leave you. I promise." Well, what if you get hit by a truck? Or slip in the shower and crack your head open?

Anyway, enjoyed the movie.


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