The Office, Seasons 1 and 2 (U.S.)

Oh, I love The Office. It seems ridiculously exaggerated at first, but it’s actually pretty realistic. I knew a guy just like Michael when I was in college. And I think it’s brilliant that even the most normal characters, Jim and Pam, are frustrating as well as a relief. I’m looking forward to the third season—I know it’s already over, and there are ways I could see it now, but I want to wait for the DVDs. (No spoiler comments, please!)


  1. best show on right now.... forget lost and heroes and survivor and american idol and any other big name.... the office is pure brilliance.... and season 3 actually gets better.... hooray.... who is your favorite character?

  2. Can't even choose a favorite character because when I say one, I immediately think of a reason for another to be my favorite. I agree, show on. I really have fun watching to see if the romance will go anywhere between Pam and Jim, but at the same time, I love all the episodes that have nothing to do with that. I think it will survive even if they do finally get together. Usually shows end very soon after the pending romance finally comes together.

  3. Who's your favorite character, Mike? I can't choose. I look forward to Pam and Jim's relationship story the most, but they're not the funniest characters. I like Creed and Stanley and Phyllis and Ryan. And all the others, too. Really, Mike, do you have a favorite character? It's too hard to choose!

  4. dwight schrute is number 1 creed is number 2 they are hilarious and weird. i cant say anything more because it will spoil. you have to catch up now that season 3 is over. my choices are based on an overall. my thoughts are swayed with every episode. i hope it stays this good for a couple more seasons.

  5. dwight schrute - #1 creed - #2 they are both so awesome and weird. season 3 is really good you need to catch up. i cant say anything more... i dont want to spoil it.


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