Two things I've learned

If the youngest is crying, and you give some bubbles to the big kids so they can distract him, he might stop crying, but the arguing among the elder children might be so loud and vehement that you consider taking the bubbles away, even if the little one starts crying again.

If there is a water and ice dispenser in the door of the refrigerator, there will always be at least 20 cups and glasses on the table, half-filled with water and ice. Even though there are only eleven children.


  1. I like how you can say "only eleven children" without, like, coughing or anything. I mean, that *I* heard.

  2. I guess I forgot to include an appropriate initialism in my post, like ROFLAPMHO. That means "rolling on the floor laughing and pulling my hair out" in case you're not familiar with it. It doesn't seem like that many when six are mine and the others are all from the same family. My sisters and I have 22 children between us (and youngest sister Leah is about to have twins!), so a big crowd of kids is pretty common. We've had all the cousins assembled at various times, and it is crazy. Although eleven can be plenty loud around the dinner table, let me tell you.

  3. Erin.....the cup thing drives me crazy and that with only 5 kids....well, 6 if you count Tom since he uses more cups than anyone anyway. I think I would have to take Valium to deal with 11 at one time. I need it most days to deal with my 5 :).


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