Penelope (2006)

I enjoyed this delightful modern fairy tale very much. It has a great message about learning to like yourself the way you are. Christina Ricci's character is sweet and pretty, even with her pig nose, and while James McAvoy is not immediately pleasing, he grew on me. I'd like to let the kids watch this, but there's some innuendo that was funny but not for kids. I guess there's a reason it's called innuendo, though; mine probably wouldn't get it. Anyway, I loved it.


  1. Jame McAvoy is my very favorite actor. I was flabbergasted by the colors and sets of the movie but the writing seemed kind of lame to me. It did not match the visual pleasure.

  2. Yes, it was visually pleasing. The colorfulness added a lot to the fairy-tale feeling. As for the writing, I admit that I wasn't watching very critically, so I didn't notice.


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