Mediocre (or worse) movies I watched recently

Jon was out of town for two weeks straight and I ran out of TV shows to watch online. And as I've said before, I try not to watch anything too good without him. So there's my excuse for watching (and sometimes even re-watching) crappy stuff.

Only You (1994)

Predictable. Marisa Tomei is pretty irritating, but Robert Downey Jr. is cute and Bonnie Hunt is always a pleasure. In retrospect, I am also annoyed by the picture on the DVD cover, which shows "Faith" dressed in her wedding dress, apparently dancing in an Italian fountain. And the back of the case shows her on a bike with "Bob" (oh, sorry, I mean "Peter"). But those scenes never happened in the movie. Why?

Head Over Heels (2001)

I think this was the movie that actually used pronouns correctly after prepositions (as in "There's nothing going on between him and me" instead of the increasingly prevalent "between he and I" and other similar horrors). But I can't remember for sure, so don't be mad at me if you watch it for the correct grammar and it's not there. Otherwise, the supermodels were slightly funny. Mostly, though, this was kind of dumb, predictable, and even downright crass a few times (as in teenage boy humor, although I can't imagine that teenage boys were the audience for this film).

Life or Something Like It (2002)

I have the impression that Angelina Jolie can act these days, but she couldn't back in 2002. Like Marisa Tomei in Only You, she always looks aware that people are staring at her. They are staring at her, but a good actress should be able to look like they aren't. (Nothing against Angelina, though; even though she and Brad have six nannies for their six kids, I'm still impressed with their number and apparent willingness to have even more. Good for them!) Tony Shalhoub has a mildly entertaining part, but it's not enough.

Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Okay, but predictable and full of stereotypes. This was my second time watching it, and it's really not worth watching more than once.


  1. 'Only You' wasn't *that* bad. For the best Robert Downey Jr. Movie ever though, make sure you see 'Heart and Souls'

  2. No, it wasn't that bad; I think I probably liked it a lot when it was new(ish). I might just be too old and jaded to watch this kind of movie twice--Marisa Tomei's look-at-me romanticism made me roll my eyes too often. I haven't seen Heart and Souls in a very long time. Maybe that'll be up next time Jon's away. (I really liked Iron Man, and I'll be writing about that soon.)


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