Lillian and Seth have been successfully avoiding Mira all day. With my help. I admit it--sometimes I'll help distract the three-year-old, so the six-year-old (almost seven!) and the eight-year-old can play without harassment. But about half an hour ago, I told Lill and Seth that now they must play with Mira for a while. They weren't happy about it, but they tried.

Or they kind of tried. They had an evil plan. They spent ten minutes building a fort in the living room. They were all in it for about 30 seconds, discussing their various super powers or something. Then I heard Lillian, outside the fort, say to Mira, "Now you stay inside! You're the queen! You have to stay inside, and we're your guards!" Then both Lillian and Seth ran downstairs. They were still in character as the queen's guards, but I know their tricks.

So does Mira, though. She sat in the fort for a couple of minutes, yelling for Lillian, using various names that might be her current play name ("Mom" being on of them). Then she knocked the fort down and now she's downstairs harassing everyone. She is the queen.


  1. It wasn't so long ago that Lilly was "the Queen!" I remember her chanting while standing on a chair when she wasn't much older than Mira.


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