Two kid movies

I don't really like to watch kid movies, so I don't usually. But I do take the kids to the movies occasionally, and these are the two we saw most recently:

Up (2009): I had no idea this would be so enjoyable. Maybe it was because my expectations were low, but this movie delighted me. I loved the talking dogs. It was nice to look at, too. (My sister Ivy would disagree. She didn't like it.)

Planet 51 (2009). We saw this in Lake Havasu when we visited Jon's brother and his family. I spent a lot of the movie getting popcorn and drink refills, which was fine because it seemed kind of dumb. And one time when I was out in the lobby, I almost saw Robert Redford! Right after the guy in the line to my right left (presumably Robert Redford), the teenage girl behind the counter asked me who Robert Redford was. Apparently, he'd given her his autograph and she had no idea who he was. I explained who he was and described him, and she just kept nodding her head while her eyes got bigger and bigger. It's kind of a sad story in a way: a screen legend going unrecognized by the girl who's too young to know him. On the other hand, I was glad that she seemed impressed just based on my description. At least she wasn't rolling her eyes and going, "Whatever."

I guess it's not saying much about the movie that my lame story about almost seeing Robert Redford seems more interesting to me. (Of course, there's also the chance that it was a Robert Redford look-alike just trying to mess with that girl. In which case, it's great that she didn't recognize him!)


  1. I don't know if I'd say I didn't like "UP." I did enjoy it, but the talking dogs bugged me. And what the heck was that big bird thing? It bugged me too. I liked a lot of parts and of course it has a heartwarming story. I found out quite a bit later that Daniel cried at the beginning. Am I terrible for saying that makes me really happy?


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