Startalk 2010

So, my mom wanted me to write about this on here. Yeah. Anyways, I went to a camp at BYU called Startalk that was really awesome. It was a 3-week long Arabic language camp equivalent to a year of high school Arabic or a semester of college Arabic. It was really cool. There were about 27 students, I think, and they had us stay at the Heritage Halls dorms there. So our days went like this usually: wake up at 8 or so, get dressed and stuff. then we had class from 8:30 to 11:30. After that we had lunch at the Canon Center. At 1:00 we had class again until 3:00. Then it was Language Lab until 4:00, in which we did homework and DVD stuff. After that, we had Language Recreation for another hour. That was playing games with Arabic words and stuff. Then we had dinner, which was made by our counselors. Then Fun With Arabic, which was like soccer and stuff until 7:30. After that we had Study Hall (oh joy!) for TWO WHOLE HOURS until bed. We had a TON of homework. But I'm not complaining! We learned a freaking ton in just three weeks. Anyways, on Thursdays, we had field trips to a restaurant. Then on Saturdays we had no class and a field trip all day to either a lake or river and we had dinner there. On Sunday we pretty much could do whatever after church. There were a lot of non-LDS people there. I thought that was kinda funny, since it was BYU. The first three days we learned the alphabet and greetings and stuff like that. After that it was new verbs, nouns, and grammar stuff. It's all really cool! Anyway, here's some Arabic for you. اهلا ازايك انا كؤايس جدنز انا اسكؤن في المدينة درجز That says, roughly: Hi!, How are you? I'm very good. I live in the city of Driggs. I can say a lot more than that, but I don't know how to spell most of it, and I probably spelled most of that wrong anyways. I'm gonna go now. My mom will probably make me write more later, but Im' done for now. It was awesome!


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