Jižní Město sídliště

Today I'm feeling a little better. I still wanted to take it easy, but get out a little, so I went with Zed, Phin, and Seth to the southeast of Prague, the Háje stop on the red / C Metro train, to an area called Jižní Město, the "south town". It is a panelák sídliště, a panel-concrete apartment building settlement, which we knew as a Neubaugebiet in former East Germany.

The part of Prague we're living in now is older, so it doesn't have any buildings like that, and I wanted to show this to the boys and see how things look. Apparently this kind of settlement is generally called a microdistrict in the former east bloc. (There is lots of interesting history and nice photos in those Wikipedia articles I just linked to!)

Here is some of what we saw. Note all the festive colors they've added which really make the buildings nice to look at!

Note the terrifying hallway/bridge at the top between the two buildings in this next one!

Finally, our current favorite advertisement seen on the Metro escalator walls:

Unicorn College?! I'm sure I could find out more about it, but I don't want to. I want it to stay vague in my imagination, or perhaps it's a practical joke on us all like Český sen?


  1. So I'm at the ice skating rink reading your blog. The ice is melting and they have the puddles blocked off with cones. It's unseasonably warm. Nice pics!

  2. I'm trying to picture the scene at the Jensen household. "Hey, kids! Dad's not feeling quite so awful, so let's go see a concrete apartment building!"

  3. I don't know if I could bring myself to walk across the hallway between those buildings!


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