Wind River Range Little Seneca Lake

This past Friday and Saturday, Jacob and I backpacked in Wyoming's Wind River Range. It took 2.5 hours to drive from our house to the Elkhart Park Pole Creek trail head, near Pinedale, Wyoming. On the way in we went via Photographers Point, which has amazing views of a lake and the mountains to the north. We hiked 10.5 miles on Friday to Little Seneca Lake and camped there, at probably the only place it was possible to camp since it was so rocky. The next day on the way out we took an alternate route and went past Sweeney Lakes and Miller Lake, which made the trip out about 11 miles.

It was beautiful, with mild temperatures and a few brief rain showers on Friday. We encountered a lot of people on the trail (we counted 104 people on Friday and 56 on Saturday), but we still sometimes went an hour or two without seeing any other people and it didn't feel crowded. The trails were in good shape, and our map (Wind River Range North from Beartooth Publishing) and the occasional signs on the trails made it easy to navigate.

As the guidebooks warn, there were a lot of mosquitoes during the day. The early morning and late evening were blissfully free of them, but we got a lot of bites during the day even though we were mostly clothed and used DEET insect repellent.

I already had some blisters on my heels from a hike earlier in the week, and came out with more blisters on my toes. I'm a little sore and tired, but it was a great hike and I look forward to going back in less than two weeks with some of the young men from our ward.


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