Roaring Fork to Hurricane Pass to String Lake

Today the Teton High School cross country team hiked about 5 miles from the Teton Canyon Alaska Basin trailhead on the Roaring Fork trail (to the south of Table Mountain) up to Hurricane Pass, where we had a beautiful view of south fork of Cascade Canyon and the Tetons. From there we hiked about 12 miles down Cascade Canyon, northward along the west edge of Jenny Lake, and finished at String Lake where we took a quick dip before getting a ride back to Driggs, Idaho in a school bus.

The total hike distance was about 17 miles, with 4060 feet of elevation gain along the way. Our lowest elevation was 6770 feet, and the highest was 10,330 feet. It took about 9.5 hours. We took some nice breaks to let people in the back catch up.

About 45 student-athletes were there, split into 3 groups each starting a half-hour apart. (The wilderness area rules require groups of no more than 20 people each.) We were led by coach Neil Gleichman, with assistant coach Griffith, and several of us parents heading up other groups.

It was a beautiful day and a great hike!


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