Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death by James Runcie

I thought it would be fun to read this series, since there is a British TV show based on it that looks interesting. But after reading the following, I'm done:

Hildegard Staunton was paler than he remembered from her husband's funeral. Her short hair was blonde and curly; her eyes were large and green. Her eyebrows were pencil-thin and she wore no lipstick; as a result, her face looked as if her feelings had been washed away.

So, it's only possible to read feelings on a woman's face if she's wearing lipstick? I had no idea!

If the book had been written in the '50s or something, I probably could have overlooked this, but no, it was published in 2012. I may be overreacting, but there's a lot of good stuff to read and this time, I choose not to spend my time on something that implies that women absolutely must wear makeup or they can't get along in society.


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