Fear X

This is a psychological thriller about a mall security guy (John Turturro) whose wife was murdered in the mall parking lot, and now he's obsessed with watching security tapes and trying to figure out who did it and why. The cinematography is very good, and I liked the music. It's pretty slow-moving, but it managed to scare me. But I'm a wimp when it comes to scary movies, so that probably doesn't mean much.

The movie does not have a definitive ending, and while there are some interesting possibilities about what really happened, I was discouraged to read later that the director (a Danish guy who also co-wrote it) admitted that there's no ending. I'd like there to be a right answer, so that after Jon and I discuss it, we can check to see if we were right. Apparently that can't happen with this movie.

(And actually, while I'd like to have right answers to things, there often aren't, if there's any ambiguity at all. Jon and some fellow Mamet fans have been known to introduce questions about The Spanish Prisoner, which seems to be all neatly tied up at the end. But is it really? I was kind of mad when Jon started questioning the ending of that movie, but I admit that it extends the talk-about-ability of it. How's that for a made-up word?)

So it was an interesting movie, nice to look at most of the time, but I felt somewhat let down at the end. Does that make me shallow?


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