The Book of Mormon

I'd been reading the Book of Mormon because of President Hinckley's challenge, but I was woefully behind schedule on Monday, the day after Christmas. I was planning to give up, but Jon encouraged me to finish, so I did. It was interesting to read it so quickly. Well, relatively quickly. It's not exactly a quick read. The various patterns of war and peace (mostly war), righteousness and wickedness, are much more obvious.

I was very interested in Teancum this time around. He was obviously a motivated guy, sneaking into the Lamanite camp twice to kill their leader. I thought it was interesting that Mormon doesn't pass judgment on him, really. He just reports his actions, saying that Teancum was angry with Ammonihah (?) and his brother, figuring they were responsible for all the bloodshed. So he went in and killed them, and was killed the second time. And everyone who knew him was sad, he was a good man. But I don't get the feeling that Mormon thought his vigilante justice was necessarily the best thing.


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