Eating Chocolates and Dancing in the Kitchen by Tom Plummer

Jon and I both had classes from Tom Plummer at BYU. I had a couple of German literature classes from him, and Jon took a memoir class taught by him and his wife Louise Plummer, who is a writer and professor of English at BYU. They are both delightful people. This book is a little gem, full of funny stories about their life together. This time through (I read it a few years ago), I was slightly disturbed by the impression that Louise was always having to school Tom in the “right” way—I’m not a fan of the popular portrayal of the wife as smarter than the husband (Everybody Loves Raymond, for example)—but it may just be the best way to write about marriage when your spouse is still living. Maybe Louise would write what she’s learned from Tom. Anyway, it’s worth reading and very quick.


  1. I have also read this and really enjoyed it. These essays are short and fun to read. You can read for a few minutes and put it down, feeling great. I liked marriage even more after reading this.


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