A Good Year (2006)

I liked this movie a lot, but in retrospect, it reminds me of Under the Tuscan Sun, and I hated that. I guess I could try to figure out how they’re different, but I feel lazy, and also I suspect it might just be that I like Russell Crowe and I don’t really like Diane Lane. Also, I read Under the Tuscan Sun and loved it, and the movie hardly resembled it. Anyway, this is supposed to be about A Good Year. I enjoyed it.

By the way, the DVD has videos by Russell Crowe's band The Ordinary Fear of God (which apparently used to be called Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts; same initials). They were somewhat amusing.


  1. I watched this on an airplane and had the same thoughts about Under the Tuscan Sun(which you had told me was so much different from the book that I couldnt bring myself to like it). However, like you, Russel Crow (and the fact that it was the only movie I hadnt seen yet) won me over. Plus I liked the old uncle who also played in Big Fish.


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