Bride and Prejudice (2004)

When we lived in Virginia, we loved this little Indian restaurant not far from us, where we often waited for our food while staring up at a wall-mounted TV showing what seemed to be very long Indian music videos. They always seemed to be about a couple trying to get together, but the couple were always accompanied by many other people, all dancing and sometimes singing in that wailing Indian way that I’m never sure if I like or not. The women and their vividly colored clothes were beautiful, and I usually couldn’t stop watching the videos.

Bride and Prejudice is kind of a Hollywood version of this stuff, and it's delightful. The Pride and Prejudice themes translate well, the songs are fun and sometimes silly, the costumes amazing. And Sayid from Lost is in it--he's the Bingley character. Definitely enjoyable, and it helped me understand those videos we used to see at Café India.


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