Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

I decided to take advantage of my recent desire for purely entertaining reading and read the Harry Potter books I hadn't read yet. After the fifth, sixth and seventh, this was a quick read, and thoroughly enjoyable.


  1. HEY! I have only read the first 3 books. I thought they were cute and a quick read too, I have only seen the first movie. Any more ideas for me for a "Mother's Day" book?

  2. They are cute, but the later ones get much more suspenseful and serious. I like the later movies better, too, though I think I like them way better when I've read the books. I guess your kids aren't old enough to beg to see them, like mine do. I've sent my ideas for a Mother's Day book in an email. Though maybe somebody else has an idea? Something that will inspire discussion about motherhood?


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