Juno (2007)

Jon and I got to see Juno in Manhattan, which was fun--I think we rode five really long escalators to get to the theater, which was probably on the twelfth floor. From a window up there, we could see the tops of some of the enormous billboards that cover the buildings just off of Times Square. Strangely, the huge ads we happened to see from that height were for QVC products, the biggest for a hose attachment that apparently makes one extremely happy. Judging from the ad, anyway. I didn't expect to see ads for QVC in Times Square. (Okay, just off of Times Square, but still.)

Anyway, the movie was excellent. I kind of wish we'd spent loads of money on it instead of on the play we saw the night before. If it's still playing near you, you should go see it.


  1. How fun!!! Seth and I went to Vegas a year ago with Kelly and Rhonda Tolbert, and that is when I saw my first play. I absolutely loved it. I couldn't make Seth take me to another one, but I would love to go again.

  2. What did you see? Did Seth not like it?


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