People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

I was so eager to read this novel--it seemed like exactly the kind of thing I'd love--but I struggled to keep interested through the first half of the book. The second half picked up a lot, and I thought the ending was good--entertaining and suspenseful. It's possible that my expectations were too high, because it's well-written and has some very good historical parts. Anyway, I think I'd recommend it, if only to get some other people's reactions to it.


  1. I read her "Year of wonders" and it was just about the worst book of the year. Are you on

  2. Ok so I was hoping to get your opinion on the tweens books -Twilight series by Stephanie somebody. Its not on here at all which makes me think I should not bother. But Mattie is wanting to read them too so I am looking to you!

  3. Hey, Kim! I have written about the Twilight books. I'll send you an email with links to those reviews and maybe even more opinions. Just what you wanted, right? :)


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