Last Holiday (2006)

This is not a great movie, but I really like it. Part of it was filmed in the Czech Republic, and there are a few conversations in French (with subtitles, but I could follow them) and one in Czech, in which I recognized one whole word! I know that's ridiculous, but I was pleased. I also love the message of the movie and that the main character is played by Queen Latifah and not by one of the more common emaciated ladies of Hollywood.


  1. Great movie! So much better than we thought it would be. Definitely one of Queen Latifah's best movies. (Worst is probably "Mad Money" - so bad we shut it off partway). Interesting that the original Last Holiday was done by Alec Guiness, and John Candy was slotted at one point for a remake, before they ended up changing George Bird to Georgia Byrd!

  2. I loved Queen Latifah in Stranger Than Fiction, because it was such a different role for her. I didn't realize it was a remake. That's interesting.


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