Mamma Mia! (2008)

I do have some meatier posts coming up, but I'm getting all the fluff out of the way first.

I watched this while trying to decide what Jon and I should see in New York (we went at the end of January). Mamma Mia! is playing on Broadway there right now, but it was not our choice. The movie was okay. Definitely fun to see seasoned actors singing and dancing to beloved Abba songs; they were obviously having a delightful time. But what a lame story! I don't regret seeing it--who doesn't love Abba?--but it's fluff. (I think Jon said he'd still be interested in seeing it live sometime, though.)


  1. My parents took me to see this when I was living in NYC. The best part was the audience dynamic: equal parts foreign tourist, old people, and gay guys. Oh -- and me, the objective observer.

  2. By foreign, do you mean foreign to NY or actually from other countries?

  3. Other countries. Many, many other countries -- mostly Japan.


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