Walking tour of San Francisco

After some conference calls and other work this morning, I walked around San Francisco with Colter. Up and down hills and all around. It was a beautiful day for walking, sunny, but a little breezy and cool too.

After a while we stumbled onto the famous Lombard Street:

... and walking up it halfway we heard what we thought were the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill, and then a few minutes later we saw them fly overhead across the street. Thanks to my Aunt Kar, I saw the movie about the parrots not too long ago. Pretty cool.

Then we met up with Jason Holt and friends putting together the Holodeck to show off their work on Google Street View for Google I/O tomorrow. They show a drive-through of Rome, Paris, the Pyrenees, and more on 8 large LCD displays in a semicircle. Here he is ironing the curtains that had some serious creases:

And Tom Sawyer-like, he lured me into helping him iron the curtains:

Then in the evening we took the BART out to the Mission district and had dinner with a bunch of people at Colter's apartment. Very good food! Thanks, Colter and everyone who cooked.


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