Grand Teton Music Festival: Pardon our French

  • Paul Dukas, Fanfare pour La Peri
  • Francis Poulenc, Sonata for Horn, Trumpet, and Trombone
  • Claude Debussy, Prelude No. 8, La fille aux cheveux lin
  • Maurice Ravel, Selections from, Ma mère l'oye
  • Darius Milhaud, La crèation du monde, Op. 81

This was the first of GTMF's free "Inside the Music" Tuesday concerts this summer. It was fabulous, of course. These events are hosted by the very funny Roger Oyster, principal trombonist of the Kansas City Symphony, who usually tells a little something about the composer and/or the piece. The concerts are about 75 minutes long and the music is generally varied and accessible.

I was especially eager to hear "La fille aux cheveux lin" ("The girl with the flaxen hair") because I've played it on the piano. I thought maybe they'd be playing an arrangement for a small group, but it was the original piano piece, and it was played beautifully by Deborah Moriarty. She was doing amazing stuff with the pedal that I've never even tried to do. I loved it.

My other favorite piece was Ma mère l'oye (Mother Goose). This was originally written as a piano duet and Ravel later orchestrated it. But this performance was an arrangement for string quartet and piano, and it was stunning. I'd like to find a recording somewhere, but I'm not sure where I'd find it. Might be worth learning the piano duet with my son, though it sounds hard.


  1. What a memory, Erin. "The girl with the flaxen hair" played by the girl with the flaxen hair.


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