I liked this movie quite a bit. The main character, Damian, is a little boy who reads and knows everything about Catholic saints, and sometimes he converses with them, always greeting them with their name and dates of birth and death. It made me want to read more about the saints.

The story is good, too. Damian finds a huge duffle bag full of money, and he and his brother hide it and have very different ideas about how to spend the money.

There is a very interesting but strange portrayal of LDS people in the movie. I wonder if they were included just because of the Saints thing, and if it's based on someone's brief contact with missionaries or something. There are three youngish men who live together in a house in the new development the boys live in. They're dressed like missionaries and one of them carries what looks like a Book of Mormon in one scene. No nametags, though, and one of the men explains at one point that they live in a special "community" with no TV, dishwasher, microwave, etc., so they end up sounding like a commune. At any rate, weird, like I said, but it makes me wonder how missionaries must appear to people.


  1. I just finished watching this movie and thought it was pretty entertaining, but sooo strange. Emily started watching it with me when it was almost over and kept asking questions. Why this? Who is that? I didn't really know many of the answers. At least not in a way I could answer the questions and make any sense. Finally I just said, "This is a confusing movie." I loved the accents. Overall, it was weird and seems like it was a book first and they only took some of it for the movie. It surprised me that you said the book was written after the movie. Maybe I'll read it sometime. Since you said there were some "adult" things in it, I watched it alone (mostly) and I don't think I'll have the kids watch it. Not that it's that bad, but I don't think the kids will get that much out of it at their ages. They may not even make it through the whole thing. I liked that dad and the woman he's dating.


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