Le Divorce (2003)

I don't think I liked this movie. I don't mean to be indecisive, but it was kind of weird. There were several subplots and extra characters who turn out to be pretty important, but they overshadowed the main plot, if it was indeed the main plot. I don't think it should be called a "romantic comedy," either. I guess there was romance if you think it's romantic to watch a young, hip American girl (Kate Hudson) sleeping around--towards the beginning of the movie, she meets a French guy, Yves, and they shake hands and make eye contact, and in the very next scene, they are watching TV together in bed, half dressed. And that's it for that romance! Then she becomes someone's mistress. While continuing to carry on with Yves.

There were some interesting contrasts between French and American culture, which made the movie a nice companion to a book I recently read called Almost French by Sarah Turnbull. Also funny and disturbing to watch the English guy towards the end eating and talking disparagingly about the French.

It seems like everything with Kate Hudson in it features her in an infinite number of extremely hip, endlessly varying outfits, as if she's not a real person, but a life-size doll/chameleon who tempts the costume people way too much. Tailored suit and heels? Yes! Flowing hippy skirt and scarves? Yes! Jeans, T-shirt and over-sized sweater? Yes! And let's change her hair in every scene! She is pretty beautiful, though. And cute. Beautiful and cute!

In general, the movie wasn't funny. It was more of a drama. It had beautiful people and scenery, interesting characters, intelligent dialogue, art and food, lots of French, which I enjoy trying to understand. But I still didn't like it that much. It may be that it was just too amoral for me. Or just immoral. I don't know.


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