What the Deaf Man Heard

A unimportant but mildy entertaining movie about a kid whose mother disappears en route to a new place, and when he gets to the end of the bus line, sans Mom, he refuses to respond to people and they assume he's a deaf-mute. He keeps it up for twenty years and then has some dilemmas because of what he overhears.

I guess it's interesting to think about what people say around those they believe can't hear or understand. Overall, just standard Hallmark Hall of Fame stuff. (Hey, it was free at the library, and the selection there is not really extensive.)


  1. I went to the library website to put this on hold and now that I see the picture I'm pretty sure I've seen it before. Or at least part of it. But I still put it on hold. I don't really remember much of it. Just the guy in it and that he was pretending to be deaf.

  2. Yeah, it's not a really memorable movie. And probably not worth seeing twice. But if you've only seen part of it, it might be fun. The actors in it are good (Bernadette Peters briefly as the mother; James Earl Jones as a secretly wealthy garbage collector; Tom Skerritt as the friendly bus station manager who takes the kid in; Matthew Modine as the "deaf" man). It's just not a very compelling or moving story, though maybe it should be.


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