Church Ball (2006)

This was different than I thought it would be, for which I am grateful. I enjoyed The RM and The Singles Ward for their silliness, but I don't need to watch many more like them in my lifetime. Church Ball was a little less overt and obnoxious. I think it helped that the main character was pretty laid-back and low-key, unlike Kirby Heyborne, for example. (Kirby's funny, but I don't want to see him in every LDS comedy.)

Speaking of the main character, throughout the movie, I kept saying to Jon, "That guy sounds exactly like Owen and Luke Wilson." I'm sure I said it too many times, but I want to make sure I'm heard. Then we watched a "Making of" thing (like it's really difficult to make a movie like Church Ball and they're eager to show us all the secrets behind the special efffects; these Making-of things have become ubiquitous in our DVD world, and many of them are completely unnecessary, but we still can't resist watching them. And this one did have some interesting details. Like this one that I'm about to reveal!) and there he was with his name under him: Andrew Wilson. Turns out he's the oldest of the Wilson brothers. Who knew? Well, I'm sure someone did, but I didn't.

Also, it was kind of weird/entertaining to see Gary Coleman in something. I think it's the first time I've seen him in anything since the days of "Diff'rent Strokes." Although there is a newspaper ad for a restaurant in our vicinity called Thai Me Up that features a photo of David Hasselhoff, Gary Coleman, and Kit. Yes, Kit, the car from "Knight Rider." It's a really good restaurant.

Update: Jon has informed me that Michael Knight's car is named K.I.T.T., which stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand. He wanted me to change it, but I thought it would be false advertising to pretend that I knew that. Because I certainly did not, even though I did watch the show.


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