I go places, too!

I realize that it's starting to look like Jon is out traveling the world! and hiking! and living life! While I just sit at home and read and watch online TV. But really, I get out, too.

Behold one of the practice organs at BYU in Provo. Yes, it's a whole pipe organ inside a tiny room, just for practicing. There are many of these in the bowels of the HFAC (Harris Fine Arts Center), each sequestered in its own room, along with other practice rooms that merely contain pianos. (Bor-ing!) I used to practice on these organs when I took private organ instruction as a freshman and sophomore at BYU. My teacher was Douglas Bush, who is a world-renowned organist. I did not appreciate this at the time. Isn't there a saying about something wasted on youth? (It's late and my brain is shutting down. Also, I'm old and can't remember what is wasted on those ungrateful youth.)

(By the way, the HFAC is named after Jon's great-grandfather, Franklin S. Harris, who was a president of BYU. In fact, there's a picture of Franklin S. Harris hanging in one of the halls of the Super 8 in which I'm staying, a Super 8 where the decor is dedicated to BYU memorabilia. Otherwise it would be pretty weird to find a framed photo of Jon's great-grandfather adorning the halls of a Super 8.)

This week I'm attending BYU's Organ Workshop, where a bunch of organists get together and pretend like playing the organ is normal and that other people care as much about the organ as we do. It's wonderful, and I love it. It makes me want to go back to school and try again. Maybe twenty years later, I'd be more dedicated and studious. Anyway, it's a fantastic four-day workshop with classes and concerts and an inspiring hymn sing. Tomorrow we're going up to Salt Lake for a demonstration of the huge pipe organ at the LDS Conference Center, a recital on temple square, and a Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal. Last year at this same workshop, participants were allowed to play for a few minutes on one of the temple square organs (Conference Center, Assembly Hall and Tabernacle). I got to play the organ in the tabernacle, an unforgettable experience.


  1. "youth is wasted on the young?" that's what i remember anyway....


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