Sheep's Clothing by Josi Kilpack

This novel kept me up until 3:00 am. Once I got about a third of the way through, I couldn't put it down. Josi Kilpack is a pretty decent writer of LDS fiction. Sheep's Clothing is about an internet predator and how he ensnares a good LDS girl. I admit that right now, as we're entering into our kids' teen years, I'm especially susceptible to books, movies, TV shows, etc., that portray the inner workings of teenagers. It's all kind of terrifying to me. So that was part of the appeal of the book. But also, I wanted to print out the emails from the Evil Internet Predator (in his guise as the nice girl on the East Coast) and give them to my kids as a test or something: "Find the sentence or sentences that expose this nice girl on the East Coast as an Evil Internet Predator!" Maybe I will.


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