All Saints Church Pocklington

In June and July we lived in Pocklington, East Yorkshire. In the middle of town is All Saints Church, the only church we got to know that I haven't written about here yet.

We could see its tower peeking up as we looked out our front door to the left:

Here is a little history from a brochure at the church:

Christianity was brought to Pocklington in the year AD 627 by Saint Paulinus, who had been sent from Rome to preach the Christian gosepl in the north of England. Tradition says that he baptised people in the beck which still runs along the north side of the churchyard. There has been a Christian community here ever since.

Nothing is known of the first church building here, which may have been little more than a thatched wooden structure. A few fragments remain from a stone church building which existed around the time of the Norman Conquest in AD 1066.

The [present building] was begun some time before AD 1200 and was completed by about AD 1450.

(More details are on the Church of All Saints, Pocklington Wikipedia article.)

Erin, Zed, and Lillian took a couple of organ lessons from the church organist, and were able to practice on the church organ several times. Here are Lill & Zed in action at the organ:

It was neat to live a one- or two-minute walk from this church and be able to walk through the churchyard on the way to other parts of town.

Here are many more photos of the church interior:


  1. Beautiful pictures! I just can't imagine buildings so old. It's just mind boggling.


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