Plovdiv cemeteries

The other day I visited the 5 main cemeteries of Plovdiv which are all clustered together. They're in this neighborhood:

Coming from the east, the first one is the Catholic cemetery (Католически гробищта):

This building says: „Вечен мир дай им, Господи!“ Google Translate renders that as: “Give them eternal peace, O Lord!”

Here are some interesting gravestones. Note the second one in French with the depressing poem.

Next is the Armenian cemetery (Арменски гробищта in Bulgarian, and I'll skip trying to transcribe the Armenian version):

Next the Общинско предприятие “Траурна Дейност” which Google Translate funnily renders as Municipal enterprise “Funeral Activity”:

In one corner of that same cemetery is the Jewish cemetery (which they call the Hebrew cemetery):

Then in a completely closed-off corner is the Turkish cemetery which appears to have closed in 1982, but is visible through a gate and a segment of the concrete wall that has fallen over:

Lots of interesting gravestones to read!

I also had my first real Bulgarian conversation in the wild here (not in the context of grocery shopping or church) with a friendly middle-aged man who just started talking to me.


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