Revivified blog

It's been almost 5 months since I killed Erin's still nascent blog while trying to upgrade the Typo blog software. She has patiently waited for me to fix it.

Now it's back, running on Ruby on Rails 1.1 with the latest Typo from the Subversion repository, backed by PostgreSQL. And finally on a publicly-accessible webserver instead of the Rails development webserver (WEBrick). Getting FastCGI to work from lighttpd was a lot easier than from Apache. Though I hear that the Rails community is leaning away from FastCGI nowadays in favor of Mongrel. Sounds like a good idea, but a change to consider some other time.

Typo's data model had changed somewhat, so I created a new blog from scratch and brought over the important data (categories and articles) manually via pg_dump and a little SQL wrangling.

Sorry for the delay and the lost momentum, Erin. And thanks to Johannes Evelein for showing me that revivified is a word that people actually use. :)


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