The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Not only do the Bourne movies have the best sequel titles, they're also just good sequels. The Bourne Ultimatum did not disappoint. I'm kind of glad we waited to watch it on a TV, because it has the same jerky, dizzying cinematography that The Bourne Supremacy had, and that's much easier to take on a small screen. It's a good movie, although I kind of missed the romance of the first. (There is a very vague hint of a past romance, but that's all.) Otherwise, it's exciting and tense and has a pretty satisfying ending.

The special features on the DVD are some of the most interesting we've ever watched. When the camera shot follows Bourne as he jumps from a roof into a window in the next building, that camera was actually following him. They strapped a camera onto a stunt man who jumped after him. Pretty cool.


  1. But -- what about the anti-American overtones inherent in the premise that one guy's search for identity should take precedence over national security...? Oh well.

  2. What, my two-paragraph review wasn't nuanced and in-depth enough?

  3. LOL. I should admit that I had it in for that movie when I started getting seasick 20 minutes in...

  4. Jon and I saw the second one in a theater and so we sort of deliberately waited to see the third one on a small screen. (I'm not sure if there is such a thing as "sort of deliberately," but whatever.) It really does cut down on the motion sickness. I think this was the movie a pregnant friend of Ivy's was watching when she had to leave so she could go throw up. And really, don't all movies of this type assume that the main character is more important than all other characters? We're always supposed to root for the main guy, even if twenty people get blown away or die in fiery car crashes. As long as that one guy is okay, we're happy. By the way, I really liked it when he used a book as a weapon. That was cool.


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